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Please note that we are now closed for normal business from Monday 23rd of March until restrictions are lifted.


We will be operating and emergency while you wait service for buckle & crack welding only every Monday & Thursday.

This will operate from 12 - 4pm only and needs to be booked in advance by email as we have very limited staff on site. 

To keep updated please click back here or check out our social media sites.

Welcome to Pro Alloys.

Wiltshire's number one alloy wheel repair and refurbishment centre.


Our state-of-the-art equipment along with our vast knowledge in wheel refurbishment

are second to none, whether you have a buckled wheel from a pot hole, a cracked

wheel which has resulted in an MOT failure or a full colour change and refurbishment

of your alloys we can do it all, we even offer the latest diamond cutting at very

competitive pricing.


Full on site services consist of Alloy wheel diamond cutting, Alloy wheel welding of cracks, Alloy wheel straightening of bent or buckled wheels, Alloy kerb & scuff damage, Alloy bespoke colour re paints, Alloy wheel powder coating, tyre removal fit and balance.

We offer a full service of Alloy wheel refurbishment and repair from all major wheel manufactures as well as OEM manufactures...


Prices can vary depending on the time needed to correct the wheel issue but we offer a very competitive pricing structure.....



We offer the same excellent service to all our customers. 

The service is the same whether they are private or trade.....

Courtesy cars available - call for details and booking