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Here at Pro Alloys we offer a full range of Alloy Wheel refurbishment options, whether it be flaking paint, a cracked wheel or even pot hole damage you can rest assured we will soon have your Alloys looking like new again!


Below are a few examples of just what can be repaired and the finish to expect, these are only examples of damage we see on a daily basis at the Pro Alloys workshop.


Services offered can vary in price depending on the amount of damage and time taken to rectify it, we are happy to hear from you by e-mail or why not call in to our Melksham workshop for friendly advice and a no obligation quote.


With prior arrangement we are able to repair buckled and cracked wheels while you wait please click for info.

Cracked Wheel repairs start from £56 per crack.


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Buckled wheel straightening starts from £56 per wheel.


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Diamond cutting starts from £75 per wheel


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Refurbishment of corroded & paint flaking wheels start from £55 per wheel


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