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Split Rim Alloy Wheel Repair

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

This week we came across these VW Golf split rims which were booked in for full diamond cut refurbishment.

Here you will find before and after photos of these wheels as they go through our different stages during our refurbishment process.

These wheels had been neglected for some time and were in a poor state when they were dropped off to us. After splitting the wheels the two components which make the split rim are then stripped of all old paint, this is done in a chemical solution taking them back to bare aluminium.

The two parts of the wheel are then separately sand blasted to remove any corrosion, once this is complete they move to our prep room for a final check and we remove any unwanted marked areas of damage. They then move on to our powder coat and paint department.

All our wheels are powder coated which makes for a very smooth finish which is also very durable. We use the very same process as many OE wheel / car manufacturers to achieve the very best finishes for our customers.

Once the wheels are primed and the base coat/colour is applied the barrel is placed into our state of the art CNC digital lathe. Here a digital plot of the area being cut is made, this is called mapping and allows the machine to follow the exact contour and shape of the wheel.

Once this is completed the surface can be machined back to its original diamond cut state. The barrels are then powder coat lacquered giving them a fantastic and durable finish.

Once the wheel has cooled the two pieces can be bolted back together and then torqued to the OEM specification.

As you can clearly see these wheels have been returned to their former glory for a fraction of the cost of a new wheel.

To book in call 01225 703007 or e-mail us at:

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