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Standard Refurbishment process

This page is the step by step process we use here at Pro Alloys for the refurbishment of alloy wheels, all photos can be viewed in better detail by clicking on them.

BMW alloy wheel refurbishment
BMW alloy wheel with kerb damage
BMW alloy wheel acid stripped
BMW wheel referb in the Aqua Blaster.
BMW alloy wheel refurbishment ready for powder coat.
Alloy wheel refurbishment spraying.
Wheel refurb tyre re-fit & balance.

Step 1.


We will inspect the wheel and advice on what option will be the best for you and you budget.

You can either bring the wheel to us with the tyre removed or we will do that for you free of charge, if you should wish we are happy to remove the wheel from the car which is also free.

Step 2


After the tyre, valve and any wheel weights have been removed from the wheel it’s submerged in a special alloy wheel paint removal acid; this removes the paint from the whole wheel and takes it back to bare aluminum.

This process can take up to an hour depending on the make of wheel and thickness of paint.

Step 3.


The wheel is jet washed off to remove all acid and paint, once this is done it can be moved to our Aqua blaster for final cleaning.

Step 4.


The Aqua Blaster is a machine very much like a sand blaster but use's softer medium mixed with high pressure water, this enables us to key the wheel ready for powder coat or paint.

Step 5.


Once the wheel has finished in the Aqua Blaster we remove it and wash it off for the final time, its then dryed ready for powder coat or paint.

Step 6


Once the wheel is ready for paint it’s placed in the powder coat oven and heated to a tried and tested temperature.

It’s then removed from the oven, powder coated and placed back into the oven for our baking time, this allows the paint the flow leaving the very best possible finish.

Step 7


After the wheel has cooled we will remount the tyre and balance free of charge if it came in with a tyre fitted, if not then the wheel is ready for collection.

Step 8


The finished wheel back to its as new state with kerb damage corrected ready for collection.

Finished BMW alloy wheel refurbishment.

Our prices include tyre removal, fit & balance!

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